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Our company possesses liability insurance, our employees have certificates of good conduct, and they have taken part in trainings of occupational health and safety, fire service and HACCP.

Terms and conditions

Information is not complete and does not count as an offer. For details, please contact our colleagues at +36 70 610 1837 phone number or by e-mail.
Indicated prices are prospective ones, applied to a flat or house of average size (between 40 and 80 squaremeters).
Remarks by chance are kindly told at the reception of work in person, in writing to e-mail address or at +36 70 610 1837 phone number, so that later misunderstandings could be avoided.
Our company asserts to the right to charge extra cost (1500,- HUF per occasion) if a superfluous field-work happens because of the fault of the client beyond peradventure or the client does not give enough and exact information intentionally about the work must be performed, so that a favourable price offer could be made for him or her.
In case of payment in HUF the exchange rate of 1 euro is 300,- HUF. It is subject to alteration.
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